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Digital Fever Thermometer

Built-in memory enabling display of the previously measured value.
Applicable for Oral, Underarm (Axillary), or Rectal measurement. Small, light weight unit.
Universal in use for the whole family, especially ideal for children.
Low battery indicator.Auto-Shut-Off. Fever alarm when the peak temperature has registered.

Digital Fever Thermometer
Flexible Tip Digital Thermometer

Flexible tip for more comfort and safety. C / F switchable.
Compact, accurate and durable LSI (large scale integration) device.
Applicable for Oral, Underarm (Axillary), or Rectal measurement.
Very sensitive device, quick to obtain results.Auto-Shut-Off if inadvertently left.
Small, light weight unit. Universal use for the whole family. Especially ideal for children.
Low battery indicator. The unit is water resistant.

Flexible Tip Digital Thermometer
Medicine Feeder
CODE: BF-19103

Front is made of soft material not hurting baby’s gums and teeth.
Spray tube conforms to baby’s cavity structure to avoid choke.
Medicine is sprayed into esophagus directly for Ear/ Forehead temperature-taking modes maximum effect.

Medicine Feeder
CODE: BF-19104

Gently pumping the medicine into baby's mouth.
Without baby noticing the smell of the medication.
Easy to use and acceptable for baby.

Ice Pillow
CODE: BF-163-1

Eases baby's discomfort of fever and headache.
Cold applied on hurt & injured skin. Keeps food and beverages cold for hours.
Soft and comfortable, and ergonomic shape design.
High quality material is firm and safe. Can be a sleeping pillow when used with a towel fabric.

Ice Pillow
Digital Fever Thermometer

Speedy measuring
Comfort, no filter needed.
Auto shut off.
Compact design and easy operation.
10 sets memory function.
Ear/ Forehead temperature-taking modes switch-able.

Digital Fever Thermometer