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FARLING Industrial Co. Ltd. . Has been founded since 1972 and dedicated most of our time to the R & D as well as manufacture in the field of baby care products constantly. FARLIN, the worldwide brand name created by us with an excellent reputation and goodwill, firms a complete marketing network in various channels, and is one of the most superior & professional manufactures of baby care products in the world, for the time being, We have been cooperating with over 80 international exclusive agents around the worlds, and meanwhile also own our competitive advantages, such as a complete production line, international marketing tacties, and multilevel operation strategies, which enable Farlin to be throughout the earth.

FARLIN Cares In every part of the world, each baby is the one and the only, and as eternity they are treasure in all parent’s heart. FARLIN caters every need throughout your baby’s early life, and accompanies every little ones to grow up happily and free form worries. Our belief in “Innovation, Safety, profession & Sincerity, and Reasonable Pricing” is our consistent operation concepts. In order to achieve this, since 1997, the establishment of FARLIN HOSPITAL has strengthened our R&D clinical professionalism and n and backed up our products with medical science knowledge and expertise. FARLIN CARES for your babies, and sincerely hope to participate in their growth and take care if them with you.

FARLIN Product line FARLIN has a wide range of baby products, form feeding, health & safety to textiles and strollers, and so on. The birth of every item is the outcome of our data & information collection, FARLIN HOSPITAL cooperation and time-consumed brain-storming, each product for us is also like our own babies. Hence,we are creating the symbol below to show our dedication efforts to all users.